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What is PHP? And benefits of PHP as well as its Advantage.

PHP is server side scripting language and stander form of Hypertext Preprocessor, Its scripting codes are executed on server. PHP code embedded into HTML code and used especially for web developing. This language is more comfortably runs on various platforms (Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac OS X, etc.)


<!DOCTYPE html>


<body><h1>This is my first Php page</h1>

<?php echo “Hello Friends!”; ?>



Needs for PHP configure:-

  • Web Server (Apache, IIS, etc.)
  • PHP
  • My SQL (Database)

Install PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) on your PC:-

  • Install Apache server
  • Install PHP
  • Install MySQL


  • Free to download and easy to use
  • Widely-used, open source scripting language
  • PHP supports a wide range of databases
  • Easy to create Dynamic Websites
  • Less case-sensitive

Benefits of PHP on Web development:-  

  • Secured
  • Speedy
  • Supports all servers
  • Platform independent
  • Efficient
  • Access to support
  • Cost efficient
  • Easy to use



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