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Understanding Search Engine Traffic and Visitor Intent :

“The Mission of Search Engines”  searchers enter many different types of queries. These can generally be classified into three major categories:
Navigational query :
This is a query with the intent to arrive at a specific website or page (e.g., the person types in your company domain name, www.seomartweb.com, or simply types in the word SEOMARTWEB).
Informational query :
This is a search performed to receive an answer to a broad or direct question, or to research and explore information around a specific topic with no specific source in mind (e.g., seo services).
Transactional query :
A person who types in digital camera may be looking to buy one now, but it is equally possible that she is researching digital cameras to learn about how they are different from film cameras. This is an
example of an initial transactional query, which can evolve in stages. For example, below are some other types of transactional queries that occur at a later stage in the buying cycle:
• The user types in best online digital camera store. Although there is no information in the query about which one she wants to buy, the intent is clearer that the searcher is seeking a store, not simply information about types of digital cameras.
• The searcher types in olympus OMD lowest price. The chances are very high that this user is looking to buy that particular camera.
Part of an SEO strategy is to understand how the various types of searches relate to the content and architecture of your website.

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