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Manual Social Media Link Creation :

One way to create links manually in social media environments is by visiting social media sites, forums, and blogs and leaving behind comments with self-referential links in them. However, the great majority of these environments NoFollow their links, and getting links by putting them in comments and forums is a practice that it not approved by Google or Bing as a way to obtain links. This practice is also very bad for your reputation, and is akin to showing up at a neighborhood party and walking around and asking everyone to give you money.

Another useful way to view these activities is that “you can’t vote for yourself”. I.e., any link you obtain by going and linking to yourself is highly unlikely to be values by the search engines. A more useful way to obtain links from blogs, for example, is to build a relationship with the owner of the blog. The major steps of this process is as follows:

1. Build a list of blogs that are related to your topic area.

2. Start visiting those blogs and adding comments of value without linking back to yourself, and develop a relationship with the author(s). The early stages of the relationship begin when the author starts responding to your comments. You can even start by reaching out to the author and interacting with them through one of the major social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn.

3. Once the relationship has been built and seems solid, let the author know about a related value-add resource you have, ask them to interview them, or suggest a collaborative content development effort or study, either through direct contact with her (preferred) or in a comment. Make sure there is a real connection between what you propose and the content from the author.

These steps are meant to be conservative to avoid a backlash from the owners and/or the authors of the blog. You can extend this process to forums or social media sites as well. The key in all these cases is to avoid implementing links to your site/page and use these activities as a way to build relationships with people. The payoff comes when you later publish a great piece of content that they decide to link to because they started following you as a result of your interactions online


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