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Long Tail Keyword Targeting :

The small-volume search terms, when tallied up, represent 70% or more of all search traffic, and the more obvious, high-volume terms represent only 30% of the overall search traffic.

For example, if you run a site targeting searches for SEO Services in Delhi and SEO Company in Delhi, you might be surprised to find that hundreds of single searches each day for terms such as SEO Services on the corner of 57th & 7th, when taken together, will actually provide considerably more traffic than the popular phrases you’ve researched. This concept is called the long tail of search. Targeting the long tail is another aspect of SEO that combines art and science.

Keyword Targeting in CMS’ and Automatically Generated Content:

Large-scale publishing systems, or those that produce automatically generated content, present some unique challenges. If hundreds of pages are being created every day, it is not feasible to do independent keyword research on each and every page, making page optimization an interesting challenge.

In these scenarios, the focus turns to methods/recipes for generating unique titles, heading tags, and page content for each page. It is critical to educate the writers on ways to implement titles and headings that capture unique, key aspects of the articles’ content. More advanced teams can go further with this and train their writing staff on the use of keyword research tools to further optimize this process.

In the case of automatically generated material (such as that produced from algorithms that mine data from larger textual bodies), the key is to automate means for extracting a short (fewer than 55 characters) description of the article and making it unique from other titles generated elsewhere on the site and on the Web at large.

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