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Keyword Research with Tools :

It is great to get this data from search engine queries, and it can certainly help you get a sense of the importance of a given keyword. However, a large array of tools exists to give you direct insight into the volume of searches performed on specific keywords, and also to help you discover new keywords to consider.

We review many of these leading tools on the pages that follow.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner:

Google provides a couple of tools specifically designed for use in keyword research. Although they are primarily meant to help their paid search customers, they can also be used to obtain information for organic search. This tool is most effectively utilized when coupled with an active Adwords campaign.

What the Keyword Planner provides?

Google’s AdWords Keyword Planner (https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner) provides related terms, search volume estimates, search trends, and ad cost estimates for any keyword or URL.

The Keyword Planner provides multiple ways to search: based on words/phrases, based on websites/landing pages, and based on categories. In the “Your product or service” box, you can enter key words/phrases (one per line) and the Keyword Planner will return keyword ideas related to the term you entered (note that you have to click on the “Keyword ideas” tab; the “Ad group ideas” is what displays by default). The output of a search will show you.

1. Keyword (by relevance)

The related keywords in a list, including the phrase or phrases you entered.

2. Average Monthly Searches

Shows the search query volume for the keyword for the locations, languages, and Google properties you defined.

3. Monthly Searches bar chart

Shows the search volume for the keyword broken out by month for the last 12 months (requires that you hover over the small gray chart icon immediately to the left of the numbers in the Average Monthly Searches column).

4. Competition

Displays the relative competitiveness of the keyword (in paid search).

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