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What is Internet?

Internet : It is a global network which connecting millions of computer in world wide web to exchange data, news and information. Or, Internet is a network of network in which users can get information, data and news as well as share own opinion to the world wide web.

What’s a Cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that websites can leave on a visitor’s hard disk, helping them to track that person over time. Cookies are the reason you don’t necessarily need to log in to your Gmail account every time you open your browser. Cookie data typically contains a short set of information regarding when you last accessed a site, an ID number, and, potentially, information about your visit.

Website developers can create options to remember visitors using cookies for tracking purposes or to display different information to users based on their actions or preferences. Common uses include remembering a username, maintaining a shopping cart, and keeping track of previously viewed content. For example, if you’ve signed up for an account with Moz, it will provide you with options on your My Account page about how you want to view the blog and will remember that the next time you visit.

What Are Session IDs?

Session IDs are virtually identical to cookies in functionality, with one big difference. Upon closing your browser (or restarting), session ID information is no longer stored on your hard drive (usually). The website you were interacting with may remember your data or actions, but it cannot retrieve session IDs from your machine that don’t persist (and session IDs by default expire when the browser shuts down). In essence, session IDs are more like temporary cookies (although, as you’ll see shortly, there are options to control this).

Although technically speaking, session IDs are just a form of cookie without an expiration date, it is possible to set session IDs with expiration dates similar to cookies (going out decades). In this sense, they are virtually identical to cookies. Session IDs do come with an important caveat, though: they are frequently passed in the URL string, which can create serious problems for search engines (as every request produces a unique URL with duplicate content).

It is highly desirable to eliminate Session IDs from your URLs, and you should avoid them if it is at all possible.  If you currently have them, a short term fix is to use the canonical tag (which we’ll discuss in “Content Delivery and Search Spider Control”) to tell the search engines that you want them to ignore the session IDs.

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