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Integrating Keyword Research, Co-Occurrence Analysis, and Knowledge of User Intent :

What changes like co-occurrence and Hummingbird mean for keyword research and strategy is that it is not as simple as it once was. No longer can you simply research what terms get the most traffic and build pages optimized to each and every one of the terms you would like to target. You still need to do keyword research to understand the universe of keywords your potential users might be looking for, and the relative scale of the opportunity in ranking well on each of those terms. You must also be able to uncover the intent your users have behind the searches they are performing and be able to build quality pages and content which meet those needs.

Not only must your pages be well written and researched, and meet the actual needs of your potential users, but each page must present a coherent theme so that the engines can truly understand what need it is attempting to satisfy, and thus what body of related keywords it should be considered to rank for. Searchmetrics (http://www.searchmetrics.com/) which can help you understand the terms and phrases which are highly relevant and related to your optimal keyword targets.

It is also vital that you understand what your customer’s needs are and whether they are able to meet those needs with the information they find on your pages. There are lots of ways to understand more about what your users want and whether they are getting it from your site from services like Usertesting.com (http://www.usertesting.com/), to simply spending time talking to your customers about how and why they use your site. It is becoming more and more important that you ensure that your content is both meeting these needs in as simple a way as possible, that it includes keywords relevant to those needs, and that it is integrated into well-designed, clearly themed pages.

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