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Identifying the Site Development Process and Players :

Before you start the SEO process, it is important to identify who your target audience is, what your message is, and how your message is relevant. There are no web design tools or programming languages that tell you these things. Your company’s marketing, advertising, and PR teams have to set the objectives before you can implement them—Successful SEO Services requires a team effort.
Your SEO team should be cross-functional and multidisciplinary, consisting of the team manager, the technical team, the creative team, the data and analytics team (if you have one), and the major stakeholders from marketing, advertising, and PR. In a smaller organization, you may have to wear all of those hats yourself (we never said SEO was easy!).

The SEO team leader wants to know who the website’s target audience is. What does the marketing team know about them? How did we find them? What metrics will we use to track them? All of this is key information that should have an impact on various aspects of the project’s technical implementation. The PR team has to take your story to the media and entice them into writing and talking about it. What message do they want to deliver? You have to mirror that message in your content. If they say you’re relevant to organic cotton clothes but your project plan says you’re relevant to yoga attire, the whole project is in trouble. When you’re creating visibility, the people who build up your brand have to see a clear, concise focus in what you do. If you provide them with anything less, their interest in your business will be brief, and they’ll find someone else to talk about. The technical and creative teams are responsible for implementing the majority of an SEO strategy. They take direction from marketing, advertising, and PR on what needs to be accomplished, but from there on out they have to put the pieces into place. As the SEO implementation process unfolds, marketing has to
come back and say whether the target audience is being reached, advertising has to come back and say whether the message is clear, and PR has to come back and say whether the media like what they see. Ongoing feedback is essential because the success of your strategy is determined solely by whether you’re meeting your goals. A successful SEO team understands all of these interactions and is comfortable relying on each team member to do his part, and establishing good communication among team members is essential.
And even if you are a team of one, you still need to understand all of these steps, as addressing all aspects of the marketing problem (as relates to SEO) is a requirement for success.

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