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How Search Engines Fight Link Spam :

How spammers try to circumvent search engine guidelines to obtain high rankings for sites that may not deserve those rankings. Of course, the search engines do many things to fight link spam.

Google’s Penguin Algorithm :

On April 24, 2012 Google released a new algorithm they called Penguin. This algorithm focused on identifying sites that have undesirable link profiles and punishing them by lowering their rankings. Some areas of concentration for this algorithm are:

• Article directories
• Low quality web directories
• Overuse of rich anchor text in links back to your site
• Links from countries where you don’t market yourself
This algorithm is one of many that Google uses to fight spam.

Other Algorithmic Approaches to Fighting Link Spam :

The major approach the search engines use is to design algorithms that can detect and act on link spam. There are a number of things they can look at algorithmically. Here are a representative few:

  1. Links labeled as advertisements : The search engines can scan for nearby text, such as “Advertisement,” “Sponsors,” “Our Partners,” and
    so on.
  2. Sitewide links : Site-wide linking is unnatural and should be a rare part of your link mix (purchased or not).
  3. Links sold by a link broker : link brokers are knowledgeable about the link detection methods listed here, and they do
    their best to avoid detection with the links they sell
  4. Selling site has information on how to buy a text link ad : Search engines can detect sites that provide information on how to advertise with them.
  5. Relevance of your link : It is a powerful clue if your link is not really that relevant to the page or site it is on.
  6. Quality of neighboring links : Another clue would be the presence of your link among a group of links that are not tightly themed, or
    the other sites linked to are poor quality.
  7. Location outside main content : The search engine can detect when your link is not part of the main content of the page.

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