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How Do Search Engines Interpret Cookies and Session IDs?

Search engine spiders do not look at cookies or session IDs and act as browsers with this functionality shut off. However, unlike visitors whose browsers won’t accept cookies, the crawlers can sometimes reach sequestered content by virtue of webmasters who want to specifically let them through. Many sites have pages that require cookies or sessions to be enabled but have special rules for search engine bots, permitting them to access the content as well. Although this is technically cloaking, there is a form of this known as First Click Free that search engines generally allow (we will discuss this in more detail in “Content Delivery and Search Spider Control”).

Despite the occasional access engines are granted to cookie/session-restricted pages, the vast majority of cookie and session ID usage creates content, links, and pages that limit access. Web developers can leverage the power of concepts such as First Click Free to build more intelligent sites and pages that function in optimal ways for both humans and engines

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