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How Content Strategies should be?

No. of depends to create good content strategies that mention below:-

1. Content Quality

  • Attractive content(stability of users)
  • Useful information(Provide relevant data

2. Content research(Keyword search)

  • Relevant Searching quires(Associated with user thought)
  • According to SEO answer should be given for exact quarries and in simple manner

3. Content word/Use of keyword(Most Important Factors)

  • Keyword Density— Checking parameter(limits) of keyword(2% to 8%) after uploaded webpage
  • Keyword stuffing—Proper & Accurate utilization of keyword in sets parameters(limits)  (a) Meta Title (b) Meta Description (c) Meta Keyword (d) Body content(Heading, Al;t tag, Client reviews, Body text)

4. Content engagement :- It depends on content presentation whether it belongs to web content, forum content, blog content, Article content…(To Reduce Bouncing rate,so that user spend more time on landing page)

5. Bounce Rate- The percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after only one page.

A rising bounce rate is a sure sign that your homepage is boring or off-putting

6. Content Freshness (sign of sites is alive and Growing)

Are Pages fresh & about hot topics(current quarries) Try to give more and more fresh content (Don’t use any kind of duplicate in content)

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