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Encouraging Effective Keyword Targeting by Content Creators :

Very frequently, someone other than an SEO professional is responsible for content creation. Content creators often do not have an innate knowledge as to how SEO works, or worse, they may think they know how it works, but have the wrong idea about it. Some Training for your writers is a critical activity. This is particularly important when dealing with large websites and large teams of writers.

Here are the main components of web page copy-writing that your writers must understand:

  • Search engines look to match up a user’s search queries with the keyword phrases, their synonyms, and related concepts on your web pages. If some combination of all of these do not appear on the page chances are good that your page will never achieve significant ranking for those search phrases.
  • The search phrases users may choose to use when looking for something are infinite in variety, but certain phrases will be used much more frequently than others.
  • Using the more popular phrases you wish to target on a web page in the content for that page is essential to SEO success for that page.
  • Make sure that the writers understand the concepts of Co-occurrence and Entity Salience , so they don’t create content that uses the main keyword to an excessive degree. They need to focus on creating semantically rich content that stays on the topic of the main target keyword phrase for the page, while writing naturally.
  • The title tag is the most important element on the page. Next up is the first header (H1), and then the main body of the content.
  • Tools exist that allow you to research and determine what the most interesting phrases are.

If you can get these six points across, you are well on your way to empowering your content creators to perform solid SEO. The next key element is training them on how to pick the right keywords to use.

This can involve teaching them how to use keyword research tools or having the website’s SEO person do the research and provide the terms to the writer.

The most important factor to reiterate to the content creator is that content quality and user experience still come first. Then, by intelligently making sure the right keywords and phrases are properly used throughout the content, they can help bring search engine traffic to your site. Reverse these priorities and you can end up with keyword stuffing or other spam issues.

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