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What is SEO?

SEO is Predicated on 3 things :

Good SEO is built upon three simple rules:

  • Search engines have to trust your website
  • The content of your website to be transparent so that search engines can see it
  • Search engines have to see only topic per page of content

SEO is practice or methods which involves numbers of activity at regular basis to get top searching results and organic traffic in all the major search engine.

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About SEO :

SEO (search engine optimization): SEO is the activity of optimizing web pages or whole sites in order to make them more search engine friendly, thus getting higher position in search result.

Types of SEO :

(1) White hat SEO: It is totally pure work which obeys Google algo.

(2) Black hat SEO: It is totally wrong work which does not obey Google algo.

(3) Red hat SEO: It is mix-up work some work obeys or some are not obey Google work.

Two Type optimization method used in SEO :

(1) On page optimization: This includes providing good content, good keyword selection, putting keyword on correct place, giving appropriate title to every page etc.

(2) Off Page optimization: This includes link building, increasing link popularity by submitting in open directories, search engine, link exchange etc.

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On Page and Off Page Work :

According to Google Algorithm “How to work in on page and off pages”

=> According to Google algo ON Page work:-

  • Website must have unique and relevant content
  • Website must have responsive
  • Should be open on all multimedia device like- mobile, tablet, laptop, pc etc
  • For responsive use viewport tag, without viewport tag site will not work well on a mobile device.
  • < meta name=”viewport content=device-width, minimum-scale=1, maximum-scale=1”>
  • Browser friendly site : Website properly opens in all browsers like- Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Google chrome and opera etc.
  • Check HTML code in HTML validator
  • Check CSS code in CSS checker
  • Check broken link in link checker
  • Website should not have any HTML and CSS code error as well as no any broken link then it is to be called totally code error free website.
  • Check Meta Tag:
  • A website must have unique and attractive Meta title, Meta keyword and Meta description.

Note: –

  • Meta title- 50 to 64 character then it is to be good
  • Meta keyword- 100 character
  • Meta description- 150 to 160 character
  • Check heading Tag:-
  • A website must have heading Tag from top to bottom i.e.-

H1, H2………………………..H6

  • Check “no follow” in links of web page
  • Importance of ‘no follow”: A Google crawler does not follow other links, only follow those link whose page crawl.
  • Check “all tag” and “title tag”
  • Give title(like image) in title tag and put keyword in alt tag
  • Check keyword density and keyword staffing
  • Keyword density- Check parameter(limit) of keyword (2% to 3.5%) after upload webpage
  • Keyword stuffing– proper and accurate utilization of keyword in sets parameter(limits)

Meta title, Meta keyword, Meta description, body content (heading, alt tag, client reviews, body text)

  • Check canonical URL

A website must have canonical URL because

Canonical tags useful to solve www and non-www duplicate content—where two URLs, identical except that one begins with “www” and other does not, point to the same page. This particular problem can be solved by proper use of the canonical tag.

  • A website must have navigation:
  • Through navigation users easily navigate and understand different page of website
  • Check sitemap.xml, ROR.txt and urllist.txt file
  • XML : It is an xml file that list the url for a site. It allow webmaster to indicate additional information about each url, when it was last updated, how often it changes and how important it is in relation to other url in the site.
  • ROR: “Resources of a Resources file” It’s a xml formatted document that is used for describing and structure of a website so that search engines can better find and understand site information.
  • txt: It list out all url of website.
  • Best place for put a keyword:-
  • Meta title, Meta keyword, and Meta description
  • Heading Tag (H1, H2………………H6)
  • Alt tag
  • In HTML comment
  • Client review
  • In Image name
  1. Use Google analytics and webmaster tool to make regular follow up of Site activeness.

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Off Page Optimization :

According Google Algorithm OFF Page optimization:-

In off page submission many types of work involved :

Directory submission, classified submission, video submission, Image sharing, Blog creation/submission, article submission, forum submission, press release submission, guest Posting.

1. Directory submission:-

Always submit link on cashed page of the relevant category.

2. classified submission:-

Use only good classified site and also do regular check.

Always submit those countries classified sites from where get best traffic and business.

(Note:-Don’t submit without login)

3. Forum submission:-

Forum posting (only related quarries or new site) provides only on link during submission.

Should be written unique content and on hot topics.

(Note: – if no follow sites then mention blog link, smo link, article link, video link etc.

If do follow sites then mention your website link directly.

Always check your links after submission it should not be broken)

4. Video submission:-

Create software video (working) and publish/ share with video submission website like- YouTube, daily motion etc.

5. Article Submission:-

Write article for company and product wise and submit it on article submission website.

(Note:- always get the updated article website from Google search)

6. Blog Submission:-

Try to create the link on the middle of content.

Don’t remove comment option on created blog.

(Use moderation option to save the web- reputation).

Check it on day to day intervals.

Use only do follow and high page rank blog sites.

(Note: – always update blog in day to day intervals)

7. Smo Submission:-

The most popular SMO sites where must to create a company page as well as product wise page.

Some important SMO site such as-

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, prientresst, My Space, YouTube, etc.

8. Do SMO In proper way:-

Do SMO in proper way:-

Create the company page where add all products.

Create separate product site page on all SMO site.

Make friends from that country where to get best traffic and best business.

9. RSS (Recycle simple syndication): It is an xml formatted file in which important information added. Through RSS file submission to get best traffic in search engine.

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