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Content Optimization :

Content optimization relates to how the presentation and architecture of the text, image, and multimedia content on a page can be optimized for search engines. Many of these recommendations are second-order effects. Having the right formatting or display won’t boost your rankings directly, but through it, you’re more likely to earn links, get clicks, and eventually benefit in search rankings. If you regularly practice the techniques in this section, you’ll earn better consideration from the engines and from the human activities on the Web that influence their algorithms.

Content Structure :

Because SEO has become such a holistic part of website development and improvement, it is no surprise that content formatting—the presentation, style, and layout choices you select for your content—is a part of the process. Choosing a browser-safe sans serif font such as Arial and Helvetica is a wise choice for the Web; Verdana in particular has received high praise from usability/readability experts.

Verdana is one of the most popular of the fonts designed for on-screen viewing. It has a simple, straightforward design, and the characters or glyphs are not easily confused. For example, the uppercase I and the lowercase L have unique shapes, unlike in Arial, in which the two glyphs may be easily confused.

Another advantage of Verdana is the amount of spacing between letters. One consideration to take into account with Verdana is that it is a relatively large font. The words take up more space than words in Arial, even at the same point size.

The larger size improves readability but also has the potential of disrupting carefully planned page layouts. Font choice is accompanied in importance by sizing and contrast issues. Type that is smaller than 10 points is typically very challenging to read, and in all cases, relative font sizes are recommended so that users can employ browser options to increase/decrease if necessary. Contrast—the color difference between the background and text—is also critical; legibility usually drops for anything that isn’t black (or very dark) on a white background.

Content length and word count :

Content length is another critical piece of the optimization puzzle that’s mistakenly placed in the “keyword density” or “unique content” bucket of SEO. In fact, content length can have a big role to play in terms of whether your material is easy to consume and easy to share.

People often ask about what the ideal length is for a piece of content. The reality is that the perfect length for apiece of content is determined by the nature of the topic being addressed.  Many pieces of content do well because they are short and very easy to consume. On the other hand, some content will fare best when it’s lengthy and comprehensive in nature.

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