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Choosing the Right Content Marketing Strategy :

The successful content marketing strategy is built on painstaking research and methodical strategizing. You can put together a content marketing campaign in many ways, and making the wrong choices can lead to a poor return on your investment.

Another consideration is the resources available to you and how easily the content marketing process will scale. Generally speaking, it is an excellent idea to determine what the best links your site already has are, and then work on getting more links of a similar quality. This is a key point to consider when deciding what type of content marketing campaign to pursue.

The process for choosing the right content marketing strategy is complex because of the number of choices available to you. Nonetheless, a methodical approach can help you determine what the best few choices are for your site. Here is an outline of how to approach it.

Identify types of sites that might link to a site like yours :

Some example types of target sites include:
• Noncompeting sites in your market space
• Major media sites
• Bloggers
• Universities and colleges
• Government sites
• Sites that link to your competitors
• Related hobbyist sites

Make sure you take the time to answer the question “why would these sites be willing to help us?”

A better question is, “what kind of content value can we develop such that these sites would be interested in offering us something in return for it?”

Think broadly here, and don’t limit the possible answers based on your current site. In other words, perhaps you can create some new content that would be compelling to one or more of your target groups.

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