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When to Show Different Content to Engines and Visitors :

There are a few common causes for displaying content differently to different visitors, including search engines. Here are some of the most common ones: Multivariate and A/B split testing : Testing landing pages for conversions requires that you show different content to different visitors to test performance. In these cases, …

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Content Delivery and Search Spider Control :

On occasion, it can be valuable to show search engines one version of content and show humans a different version. This is technically called cloaking, and the search engines’ guidelines have near-universal policies restricting this. In practice, many websites, large and small, appear to use content delivery effectively and without …

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Why Would You Want to Use Cookies or Session IDs to Control Search Engine Access?

There are numerous potential tactics to leverage cookies and session IDs for search engine control. Here are many of the major strategies you can implement with these tools, but there are certainly limitless other possibilities: 1. Showing multiple navigation paths while controlling the flow of link authority : Visitors to …

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How Do Search Engines Interpret Cookies and Session IDs?

Search engine spiders do not look at cookies or session IDs and act as browsers with this functionality shut off. However, unlike visitors whose browsers won’t accept cookies, the crawlers can sometimes reach sequestered content by virtue of webmasters who want to specifically let them through. Many sites have pages …

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Content Uniqueness and Depth :

Few can debate the value the engines place on robust, unique, value-added content—Google in particular had several rounds of kicking “low-quality-content” sites out of its indexes, and the other engines have followed suit. The first critical designation to avoid is “thin content”—a phrase that (loosely) refers to content the engines …

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Content Optimization :

Content optimization relates to how the presentation and architecture of the text, image, and multimedia content on a page can be optimized for search engines. Many of these recommendations are second-order effects. Having the right formatting or display won’t boost your rankings directly, but through it, you’re more likely to …

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