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Integrating Keyword Research, Co-Occurrence Analysis, and Knowledge of User Intent :

What changes like co-occurrence and Hummingbird mean for keyword research and strategy is that it is not as simple as it once was. No longer can you simply research what terms get the most traffic and build pages optimized to each and every one of the terms you would like …

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Traditional Approaches: Domain Expertise, Site Content Analysis :

One of the smartest things you can do when initially conducting keyword research is to brainstorm original ideas with the participants in the business before getting keyword tools involved. This can be surprisingly effective for coming up with numerous critical keywords, and it can help you understand if your organization …

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Understanding the Long Tail of the Keyword Demand Curve :

It is wonderful to deal with keywords that have 5,000 searches per day, or even 500 searches per day, but in reality these “popular” search terms may actually comprise less than 30% of the overall searches performed on the Web. The remaining 70% lie in what’s commonly called the “long …

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